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Say Goodbye to Loose Lower Dentures

Life without a healthy smile is challenging enough without worrying about pain, speech problems and dietary restrictions caused by loose dentures. Such problems are particularly acute with lower dentures, which can be even more challenging to keep in place securely—even with suction. That’s why Beautiful Dentures is proud to offer the revolutionary SEMCD® system—the stable alternative to conventional lower dentures giving 24/7 comfort and confidence.

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The Science of SEMCD®

Dentures are one of the longest-established and most effective solutions to missing teeth. But even the best-fitting dentures come with problems of their own. 

In addition to causing pain and sore spots, dentures often prevent wearers from eating a healthy, balanced diet and can also cause problems with speech.

SEMCD® stands for Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures—a unique close-fitting denture system developed by Dr Jiro Abe.

SEMCD®’s unique design ends these problems once and for all, keeping lower dentures firmly in place—with no adhesive required!

Click here to see a video showing SEMCD® in action.

Here’s why SEMCD® Dentures are a leap forward from the conventional dentures you may be used to:

A light, streamlined design gives a more natural feeling smile
SEMCD® dentures’ innovative design helps dentures stay in place when you need them to
Speak clearer, eat what you like, and say goodbye to messy dental adhesives
Gain complete 24/7 smile confidence

SEMCD® Trained and Certified

Beautiful Dentures’ clinical dental technician Richard Hazzledine has trained in advanced SEMCD® concepts in Japan with the system’s originator Dr Jiro Abe.

Richard’s training means Beautiful Dentures is one of only a few UK clinics certified to provide Dr Abe’s life-changing dentures.

Richard works alongside an experienced clinical team to ensure your dentures will give many years of confidence, comfort and natural smiles.


SEMCD® dentures are effective for the majority of patients. However, in some cases, your anatomy may mean they are not suitable. We’ll let you know if SEMCD® is the right option for you at your consultation and also can tell you about our range of alternatives.
SEMCD® is an effective alternative to conventional lower dentures, which can be challenging to keep in place. SEMCD® works well alongside an upper denture. So if you’d like to experience the same day-to-day comfort and confidence from upper dentures, ask our team about BPS upper dentures.
SEMCD® dentures crafted by our skilled team are among the most lifelike replacement teeth available. They look indistinguishable from natural teeth and return vital support to the facial muscles, giving you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
Wearers say they are leaps and bounds ahead for comfort—and look much more natural, too. But that’s not all. With no messy dental adhesive to worry about and complete confidence about speaking, eating and smiling, you’ll also notice a dramatic improvement in quality of life.

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