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Copy dentures

At Beautiful Dentures, we can provide you with new and improved copy dentures for a confident, attractive smile.

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Are you struggling with wobbly dentures, or have your dentures started to slide or slip when you eat?

If so it may be time to consider replacing your dentures. At Beautiful Dentures, we can provide you with new and improved copy dentures for a confident, attractive smile.

Why would I need to replace my dentures?

Over time, your mouth changes shape, and this means that your denture may not fit as comfortably and snugly as it once did. When your dentures become loose, they can start to irritate your gums, and you might feel anxious about eating in public. Ill-fitting dentures can cause soreness and pain, and they’re also susceptible to damage. If your dentures have seen better days, or you’re tired of having to pay out for denture repairs, we have a brilliant solution. Our copy dentures are designed to improve the aesthetic, fit, and feel of your existing dentures.

Copy dentures for a stunning smile

Copy dentures enable us to beautify your smile and improve oral function by combining the benefits of your existing dentures with minor modifications that take the evolving shape of your gums into consideration. The contours of your mouth change constantly, and once you reach the point where your dentures don’t fit anymore, copy dentures can give you your confidence back. With copy dentures, you can enjoy peace of mind when you eat and speak – and you don’t have to put up with pain.

Beautiful Dentures copy dentures

If you need new dentures, or you’re keen to have a spare set of dentures in case you have any problems with your existing dentures, our experienced clinical dental technicians are on hand to create beautiful, bespoke replacements. Our copy dentures are hand-crafted, and we can produce dentures for both the upper and lower arches.

Copy dentures FAQs

If your dentures are starting to feel uncomfortable you may benefit from copy dentures. Copy dentures are replacement dentures that are fabricated to create a better-fitting denture for enhanced comfort, improved dental health and greater confidence.
Dentures don’t last forever. The shape of the gums evolves and changes on a continual basis and, over the course of time, you will find that your dentures start to become loose or feel uncomfortable. Ill-fitting dentures can cause soreness and irritation and they don’t work as effectively as dentures that fit perfectly. With a set of copy dentures crafted by our outstanding technicians, you’ll be free to enjoy a beautiful smile without any pain at all.

Are you ready to revamp your smile?

If you’d like to find out more about copy dentures at Beautiful Dentures, why not get in touch with us today?


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