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Denture relining

Are you tired of trying to contend with ill-fitting dentures? If you’ve got dentures that tilt, wobble or rub, we’re here to help!

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At Beautiful Dentures we are experts in denture repairs and relining.

If you’re having trouble with your dentures, we’ll restore your smile and your confidence in no time at all!

What is denture relining?

Denture relining involves making minor adjustments to the denture to enhance security and stability and to ensure you feel more comfortable and confident. By relining your denture we can improve the fit, feel and function.

Our denture relining service provides a host of options, including

  • Hard relining for increased stability
  • Soft relining for enhanced comfort
  • Temporary or therapeutic relining to facilitate healing

You don’t need to put up with ill-fitting dentures

Dentures are a wonderful option for patients who have missing teeth, but they can only enhance oral function and dental health when they fit perfectly.
If you’re prone to irritation or gum soreness, you don’t feel confident when you eat in public, or you’re reliant on denture adhesives to secure your denture, why not get in touch with us?

We can use expert denture relining services to improve the fit of your denture, provide you with peace of mind, and ensure that you’re confident about smiling, speaking and eating. Denture relining can reduce the risk of oral health problems and eliminate the need for continual use of adhesives. If relining isn’t a viable option, we can recommend alternatives, such as new partial or complete dentures or a copy denture.

Denture relining FAQs

Denture relining is a service, which involves making minor modifications to improve the fit of an existing denture. There are various options available, including hard, soft and therapeutic relining.
Ill-fitting dentures can pose problems for your oral health, and they can also contribute to swollen, painful gums. Denture relining can help to prevent irritation by improving the fit and it will also make you feel more comfortable and confident.
Nobody wants to have to endure pain to be able to eat or feel more confident when they smile. Relining is a means of altering the denture to secure it and increase comfort at the same time. With a relined denture, you don’t have to worry about your gums or feel anxious when your smile is on show.

Are you sick of living with dentures that are loose or painful?

If so, why not get in touch with us today? We provide expert denture relining and repairs, as well as brand new partial and complete dentures. Call us today to find out more about our services and book a free consultation.


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