dentures REPAIRS

At Beautiful Dentures, we provide a denture repair service to restore your partial dentures or complete dentures for either your lower or your upper jaw:
- Repair cracks and multiple fractures
- Repair chipped false teeth
- Repair the denture base

Why do my dentures keep breaking?

The shape of your jawbone can change as part of the natural ageing process, owing to underuse and lack of stimulus. If your dentures break while you are wearing them, it could be for one of the following reasons:
- Poor fit as a result of bone resorption (shrinkage)
- Excessive force possibly due to tooth grinding
Repairing a broken denture time and time again can soon become expensive. It can also be damaging your mouth, especially if the breakage is due to a bad fit.

Looking after the health of your mouth

If you have had your dentures for several years, it may be time to consider replacing them with copy dentures, new complete dentures or partial dentures. In addition to denture repairs, beautiful dentures will check the fit of your dentures to prevent further breakages and preserve the future health of your mouth.

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