denture RELINING

Tired of ill-fitting dentures?

If you are suffering the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with dentures that wobble, tilt or rub, Beautiful Dentures can undertake the small alterations that make a big difference to the way your dentures look, fit and feel.

Denture Relining provides several options to help your dentures feel more stable and more secure:

- Hard reline for improved stability
- Soft reline for improved comfort
- Temporary or therapeutic reline to aid healing

Don't put up with dentures that tilt, wobble or rub

Ill-fitting dentures can cause soreness and tender gums. Overtime, they can also damage your mouth. A denture reline can make your dentures more comfortable, reduce your need for denture adhesive and look after the future health of your mouth.

Alternatively, if you have been wearing your dentures for several years, it may be time to consider replacing them with Copy Dentures, new Complete Dentures or Partial Dentures.

Ready to look younger and feel great? 

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