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Dr Abe Suction Effective Lower Dentures

One of the most difficult results to achieve in clinical dentistry is suction and stability on the full lower denture. The concept of eliminating the problem of the lower denture lifting by creating an effective seal around the entire border of the denture base through suction mechanism has been spreading worldwide.

This concept, developed by Dr Jiro Abe in Japan, enhances the suction effect of full lower dentures and allows for denture suction even in patients with advanced resorption of the mandibular alveolar ridge. This newly developed technique for achieving effective suction and stability of the full lower denture has become an indispensable part of treating patients.

Best Way to Achieve Suction

The most ideal way to achieve suction of the full lower denture is to combine this technique with BPS®. The incorporation of the concept of suction mechanism into the systematic BPS denture fabrication process will ensure a high success rate in attaining lower denture suction.